A Mighty Roar

The Roar of Love
The Roar of Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She sat across from me,

Her eyes luminous and bright,

Her black glossy hair framed her face,

I guessed she could see in the darkest of night,


Her eyes were those of a predator,

And yet I could not look away,

I found her very attractive,

In an odd sort of way,


Staring intently at me,

I was more than just prey,

She was purring to my heartbeat,

And making a mating play,


I had no fear in my heart,

Just excitement welling up within,

How should I approach her,

When I didn’t know where to begin,


“Do you always wear a mask?”

Her question broke the ice,

“I didn’t want you to know my thoughts,” I said,

I presumed my answer would suffice,



“Do you want me?” she purred,

“Your interest is hard to see,”

I smiled at her question,

Because I knew she wanted me,


From my chest came a mighty roar,

She quivered, shook, and drew near,

She liked the animal sound that I made,

And she whispered in my ear,


“Let’s find a cave in the dark,

Someplace the light doesn’t shine,”

She followed me away from the crowd,

And she let me make her mine,


We loved away several nights,

I’m sure there will be more,

All she has to do is look at me,

And I begin to roar,


You, too, might find someone,

Who purrs both night and day,

Turn your instincts completely loose,

And love will find a way.

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