The Advantages of Getting Older

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“There are advantages of being older,” I said,

She said, “You’ve lost your mind,”

Yes,” I answered, “You’ve got that right,

And often it’s hard to find,”


She replied, “Name one of those special things,

That come with advanced age,”

I said, “I’m sure I can do more than that,

Now that you’ve set the stage,”


“Remember those Easter eggs,

That I hid so carefully outside,

I found a few more rotten ones today,

That’s why they’re fun to hide,”


“And those bills I forgot to pay,

Bring people pounding on my door,

I greet them very warmly and say,”

“Please come and visit some more,”


“If I sit quietly for awhile,

I appear to be crafty and wise,

I don’t have to prove a point,

Or cover my trail with lies,”


“Through my lifetime the mistakes I made,

Are now considered experience I gained,

And my experience becomes wisdom over time,

No longer are my mistakes a pain,”


“I can say what I want,

Be bold with words I say,

For just because I appear old,

I’m forgiven for yet another day,”


“People treat me with utmost respect,

They often shout and wave,

But one finger is hard to see,

And their words I don’t need to save,”


“You can talk all you want about me,

My hearing has started to fade,

And if I don’t like what I hear,

I’ll turn off my hearing aid,”


“I still need love and lots of hugs,

Even at this crusty old age,

So give me hugs, lots of hugs,

I’ll count them as my retirement wage,”


“You might consider me a dirty old man,

The way I look at you,

But don’t let it bother you much,

I’ve forgotten what to do,”


“I would tell you more, oh, there’s so much more,

But I forget what I thought,

You’ll have to catch me in a moment,

Doing something I should not,”


“If I ask you to repeat what you said,

It’s so I’ll have your wisdom to keep,

On the other hand, if you keep talking on,

I’ll get much needed sleep,”


“There are advantages of being old,

In spite of being wrinkled and gray,

Every day that I’m still above ground,

I give thanks for each bonus day.”




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