A Secluded Place

In my dream I was alone on the big island,

Far from the hustle and bustle of the crowd,

A waterfall caught my attention,

And I ventured closer than I thought allowed,


The water cascaded down into a pristine pool,

I had forgotten that I was asleep,

Feeling at one with all that surrounded me,

Without hesitation I stripped and dove deep,


I felt your eyes on me as I emerged,

But there was no place to escape or hide,

Laughing at your own boldness,

You shed your clothes and quickly were by my side,


Like two otters we swam and played together,

Until we tired of the chase,

On this beautiful tropical afternoon,

We found a secluded place,


Intimate strangers in a garden of Eden,

We made love until dawn broke free,

All the pleasures we freely shared,

Suddenly you stood and left me,


I awoke from my dream broke hearted,

Had no words left to say when you departed,

Each night in my dreams we’ll swim again,

I’ll love you more each day.

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