She Shuffles

Woman in Love (It's Not Me)
Woman in Love (It’s Not Me) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She shuffles down the sidewalk,

Rumpled, tired, hungry, and worn,

Forgotten is her long ago life,

That began when she was born,


Others might claim they love her,

Her face is beautiful to see,

Yet alone and homeless on her own,

She might not agree with me,


She has intelligence and compassion,

Her heart touches each broken man,

She’s the universal, loving woman,

Doing the very best she can,


She comes in all shapes and sizes,

From woman to budding girl,

She tries to help others she finds,

She wants to make this a better world,


She lifts the spirit of mankind,

From those troubled to those without hope,

She could give up and join the rest,

And say she could not cope,


Yet each woman who fills the void,

And becomes more than the rest,

Is beautiful in my little world,

And I think I love her best,


As this one shuffles down the street,

I must do more than shrug,

I’ll see what I can do for her,

Just after I give her a hug.









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