High School Album

It's That Girl Again
It’s That Girl Again (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was looking through mom’s high school album,

Wondering why some people were so solemn and grim,

Those who were of the business mind,

Always stayed with their own kind,

Looking serious to improve their chances,

When majoring on other people’s finances,

“That girl was the prom queen and she is married to him,”

“That girl is the CEO of a company we both know,

I haven’t heard from her for awhile, but her company continues to grow,”

“That boy is the town bum, his investments were lost in a major scam,

He’s still polite and says, “Thank you ma’am,”

The rest of the class is the salt of the earth,

With hearts of gold to prove their worth,

That’s me, dancing out of sight,

Enjoying the coolness of the night,

My friends were watching my every step,

Leaving me alone but wanting to help,

And that boy sticking out his tongue,

He seemed like such a bother,

He was the craziest of all,

That boy is your father,”


I could identify him by his smile,

But I hadn’t seen him since his trial,

He looked a lot like the class bum,


“He is, dear, the very same one.”




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