The Final Choice

It's Your Choice
It’s Your Choice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From a slumber I shook myself,

Decided it was only a dream gone bad,

Yet such was the state of my mind,

I realized I could be going mad,

I searched for implements of destruction,

To protect myself should warriors come,

Anything that could be a weapon,

Would now be their warm welcome,

But what could mortal weapons do,

Against angels and spirits that flew?


The chief of the red angels laughed at me,

For what could a mere mortal do,

Around me sides were drawn,

All waited for the war to ensue,

The red angel chief pulled me to her side,

Then to her firm full breasts,

“I will keep you safe from harm,

Because you’re my special guest,”

Then she circled before her troops,

They rose in a mighty swarm,

In a mad rush they headed towards the light,

Before guards could call out an alarm,

There was no time that passed,

Yet time would not sit still,

Warriors charged and warriors fled,

But none were wounded or killed,

In the twinkling of an eye,

There was a changing of the tide,

And the light grew ever brighter,

As mortals had a chance to decide,

Greed, lust, hatred, and death,

Were soon put on the run,

And all the troubles of the past,

Were finished, over, and done,

Love, compassion, patience, and peace,

Shone brighter than the stars,

And the chief slunk away into the dark,

The loser of the spirit wars,

The virtuous captain of the light,

Thanked his followers with a calm low voice,

A new order built on love, trust, and hope,

Was welcomed because of their choice.

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