Press One

Always Press This Button
Always Press This Button (Photo credit: Kevan)

Strange phone calls in the night,

Make me wonder if I’ve lived right,

Out of area numbers, who can it be,

Why, oh why, is someone calling me,

It’s automated, not a person at all,

So what’s the reason for this call,

I listen closely to see if it’s a game,

Someone is asking for me by name,

If you want Mary Belle, Press One,

If she is unavailable, then go to the next one,

My dates were always of mutual consent,

So why should I be concerned in any event,

If you would like Margarita, Press Two,

At midnight her eyes changed from green to blue,

She was not jealous but beautiful and serene,

When no other women were around to be seen,

No matter whether ladies were thick or thin,

I loved them all because they made me grin,

If you’d like to speak to Linda, Press Three,

Linda had her ways of pressing me,

When I moved, it broke her heart,

Our relationship was better when not apart,

If someone is lonely like me, Press Four,

You don’t have to be alone any more,

The night is too young to stay and wait,

We could connect before it’s late,

Phone calls remind me of lovers past,

And tell me that time is going too fast,

My fingers Press Five, then Press Six,

Over the years I pressed a variety, a beautiful mix,

The phone keeps ringing, Press This, Press That,

I grab my coat and then my hat,

I’m going out to find a friend,

So I can bring loneliness to an end,

Out into the darkness onward I go,

There’s a woman waiting somewhere I know,

I’ve pressed my luck a time or two,

Text me your number so I can press you.






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