Love Found a Way


Red sky at night, sailor's/shepherd's delight.
Red sky at night, sailor’s/shepherd’s delight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In the icy throes of winter,


Your love was frozen too,


My heart hoped for early spring,


There was nothing else to do,




Inclement weather and funnel clouds,


Took away your romantic bent,


I waited for the signs of summer,


To show you my intent,




In the sizzling heat of summer,


Your heart remained frozen still,


Packed among wounds not forgotten,


Love had long lost its thrill,




Summer days were too hot,


I thought our shadows would melt,


You kept me at arm’s length,


True love you never felt,




There was one season yet to try,


Before all was declared in vain,


Autumn rains swept the past away,


Allowing love to soothe your pain,




I was patient though eager, too,


To see what you might say,


When I asked you to marry me,


Love finally found a way.

























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