Bill (Photo credit: J0nny_t)


You can always count on


Relatives to do you right,


They’ll try to help you


With all their might,


They’re of the same blood,


They’re your kin,


Just don’t turn your back,


Or they’ll do you in.




My doorbell rang.  I wasn’t expecting anyone and I didn’t think anyone knew that I was living here.


“Uncle Dan, could I stay at your house tonight?”


Who was this young man standing before me? He looked familiar and yet he didn’t.  I hadn’t seen him for ten years.  My mind raced, trying to put my previous information about him together.


Michael?  I thought you were still in the Army.”


“I’ve been out for two years.  I was discharged because of my disability.”


“Sorry.  I didn’t know.  Michael, what’s wrong?”


“It’s my back.  The doctors said there’s been permanent damage.  They also discovered problems with my internal organs. I might not look like I’m in bad shape, but I am.”


Michael stayed two nights then more,


I couldn’t seem to get him out the door,


The money he made was more than mine,


Out on his own he could do just fine,




My telephone rang until it drove me insane,


Why do relatives cause me such pain?


“It’s cousin Bill, Sue’s fourth, I’m the good son,


I’m here to look around and have some fun,”


Michael and Bill were a deadly pair,


One claimed to be hurting, the other didn’t care,


At three or four they’d stagger in,


Then sleep until it was time to begin again,


I tried to evict them and toss them out,


They refused to go and they had some clout,




Finally I just gave up.




A letter came in the mail, way too late,


With a message from my cousin Tate,


“The law is after me,” is what it said,


“They think I shot two men dead,”




I don’t think I’ll open any mail, answer the phone, or communicate with anyone, especially if it’s a relative.  My house is full of relatives and I’m up to my ears with trouble.  I think I’ll move.  Don’t tell anyone. Perhaps this time I can stay hidden for awhile.




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