Tale of Three Cities (and their aromas)


Apple Strudel
Apple Strudel (Photo credit: chris_rivait)


Tale of Three Cities (and their aromas)


Every city has magic which makes it different from other cities.  The more magic it has the more it will be remembered. Cities that have distinctive aromas will never be forgotten.




Every city has unique magic,


Which sets it distinctly apart,


It might be well-known landmarks,


Or a famous gallery of art,


It might have a nickname,


Such as the city that never sleeps,


Or it might be known between friends,


As the city that always weeps,


At sunset the town might come alive,


And on Broadway start to dance,


While lonely lovers fill the streets,


Searching for a little romance,


Apple strudel and bear claws,


Midwestern foods to try,


Everything smells so good,


It’s hard to know what to buy,


At the Water Tower in Chicago,


Tourists are already walking about,


From the space needle in Seattle,


A few people are looking out,


Delighted by the knowledge that soon,


The Fish Market will put on a display,


With fish flying through the air,


Employees working while they play,


In Austin flowers are blooming,


Maidens two stepping down the streets,


To a bookstore where pastries are sold,


To start the day with treats,


“Do you like how the city smells?”


A girl asked her sleepy mother,


“Oh, it doesn’t smell so bad,”


But ask your older brother,”


“Mom, you don’t understand,


Maybe I can explain a different way,


I think the aroma from the Italian bakery,


Is the best way to start the day,”


At dawn’s first light coffee is brewing,


Bread is rising in the pan,


Employees are preparing for weekend sales,


Supplies are unloaded from a delivery van,


Outside customers are waiting,


Scratching, scratching at the doors,


Driving managers crazy as the sounds,


Echo across the empty floors,


If prices are affordable or downright cheap,


Consumers will gather at branches of the chain,


And the sales will start to leap,


Stock brokers with knowledge,


Will observe the frenzied change,


They’ll guide their customers to buy or sell,


Depending on the range,


In Austin a bicycle race begins,


Past the aroma of Mexican pan,


They struggle to keep their eyeballs on the road,


Riders pedaling the best they can,


The tale of three cities at the beginning of a day,


Identified by aromas that drift along their city streets,


Unforgettable memories for all who venture there,


And share in those special sweets.








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