Is it Love or Is it Lust?


My Love
My Love (Photo credit: Jennuine Captures)


One evening as I went for my daily walk,


I heard a woman giving a mother-daughter talk,




“Daughter, are you feeling love, or is it simply lust?”


Does he inspire confidence, and build your trust?


His morals are crude, and a little bit shoddy,


He only wants you for your body,”




“He told me if I loved him I would submit,


To show my love, I’d just do it,


I said if he loved me, he’d not ask,


Love is not selfish, nor is it a task,




When his lust is over, will he remain?


Is it my heart he wants to retain?


In this day and age should I just let go,


Or should I be firm and just say no?”




“Daughter, you might think everything is clear,


But the danger is when he is holding you near,


With love and lust you might get confused,


Neither is right if you feel used,




Lust is like a moth circling a flame,


Ending in tragedy, always the same,


All for a few sweaty moments in time,


Nothing permanent, no reason or rhyme,”




“But, mother, I still don’t understand,


How will I recognize if he’s the right man?”




“Oh, daughter, there is so much to learn,


Lust is a flame that will usually burn,


Temporary passion shared in the night,


It’s a feeling that hides at dawn’s first light,


Lust turns on, then turns off the light,


While love continues burning bright,”




“But, mother, my friends insist,


That if it feels good, I shouldn’t resist,”




There were things I wished to say,


Yet if I spoke I’d be in their way,


I didn’t mean to eavesdrop,


But this was too interesting to just stop,




I thought, “Love and lust, both four letter words,


One is the sweetest word ever heard,


‘I love you,’ urges the heart to sing,


While ‘I lust you,’ doesn’t mean a thing,”




Her mother continued telling her straight,


“If you’re not careful, it’ll be too late,


Lust is the sparkle in Fool’s Gold,


Love is the real nugget we can hold,


Lust makes you feel a momentary glow,


But where does that moment go?”




“But, mother,” her daughter sighed,


“Aren’t they much the same if nobody lied?


My boyfriend says that if we care,


We’d be willing for our bodies to share,”






“Daughter, I don’t think you understand me well,


Lust and love are different, like peanut and shell,


Love seeks happiness for both to share,


And it risks showing a heart that cares,


Love is not for a rowdy night or two,


It’s a commitment for a whole life through,”




I wanted to comment but I said under my breath,


“Love means forever, forever till death,


Lust seeks perfection of the outer skin,


While love finds qualities that reside within,”




Her daughter answered that she understood,


“Thank you, Mother, you taught me good,”




“Write a list down before you go,


Then you’ll remember what you should know,


Lust is as temporary as the weather,


Love lasts seasons as you grow together,


Lust fades and washes away in the rain,


Love shares pleasures and feels your pain,”




There were more things she could have said,


So I kept those truths in my head,


“Love thrives when things get tight,


Lust hides when things aren’t right,


Lust is shallow rather than deep,


No one worries about promises to keep,”




“Mother, dear, it’s all so clear,


That a man might want to hold and touch,


Yet there’s one thing I don’t know,


About lust, how do you know so much?”




“Daughter, that’s a good question,


To ask it makes you look wise,


The information is certainly true,


I learned it from some older guys,”




“Mother, is it also true,


That women love and men lust?


Are men always in a hurry,


Afraid their bodies might rust?”




“Daughter, women are like charcoal,


Smoldering until they’re ash,


While men are thin paper,


Burning up in a flash,


Men and women are different,


And love and lust aren’t the same,


Yet both are very important,


If you’re playing the game,”




The daughter didn’t seem satisfied,


She still had some doubts,


The only way for her to be sure,


Was to check it all out,




I continued my walk, then home to bed,


With still more thoughts left unsaid,


“Love grows roots that anchor down,


And keep relationships on solid ground,


Love says no one else will do,


While lust is just about satisfying you,”




I was curious to see if the daughter held true,


And choose love over whatever would ensue,


That’s a choice only she could make,


Love or lust, and the path she would take,




There’s a time for love and a time for lust,


Sometimes both simultaneously exist,


For me lust was a fire difficult to control,


Once I had been kissed,




The daughter eventually became my lover,


And she spiced up my life,


The fires inside still burn strong,


I’m glad she is my wife.










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