Join Me for Coffee

Join Me for Coffee

“Good morning! Have a cup of coffee with me,

Relax and enjoy, what a great day it will be,

We’ll discuss the news and what went wrong,

Our place in the universe and where we belong,

We’ll talk about the drought and why we don’t have rain,

Aunt Lulu’s flowers and Sandi’s recent weight gain,

We’ll talk about most everything except you and me,

We’re afraid to confront our feelings and what we really see,

I know you belong to another who calls me his friend,

But without you in my arms the nights never end,

Let’s talk about the weather and time spent together,

If people have noticed, will storm clouds gather?

Our love is a relationship between you and me,

We need to decide how we want it to be,

Our families, our friends, not many will approve,

Should we stand and face them, or should we move?

Join me for coffee, or do you prefer tea?

I want to know how this will be,

Open for all to see, love in the sun,

Or living in darkness and love on the run?

Join me for coffee, please don’t hesitate,

I’m ready for love, and my love won’t wait.”




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