They’re in the Same Zoo

Hastkaar Yantra based on medieval Rajasthani p...
Hastkaar Yantra based on medieval Rajasthani painting. Hallway wall-painting at Charles Correa’s Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur, designed in 1993. Each of it’s 9 enclosed sections is named after a planet and display a variety of textiles, crafts, weapons, etc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


They’re in the Same Zoo


Who owns the night?


Yes! It might be the owls


When they take flight.


Gliding noiselessly looking for prey,


Tirelessly searching till the break of day.


They dance in the darkness


Above the sheltering trees,


Spinning and swooping


Where no one sees.


But there are others who boldly emerge,


Out of shelters and lairs,


Ready to party


In the cool night airs,


Carousing wolves primp and preen,


Expecting to greet foxes


Who want to be seen.




Who owns the day?


It might be the eagles


See! High above they soar,


Looking for a big moment,


With a chance to score.


No time to dance, sing or play,


They have to be ready


If opportunity comes their way.


When neons shut down


And sunlight caresses the trees,


Fortunes are made


By eagles who seize.


Golden moments are in hand


For a bull or a bear


Making split second decisions


Like they really don’t care.




Who rules the night?


Is it the night owls


When they take flight?




Who owns the day?


Is it the eagles


Who work the hours away?




Denizens of the night


And citizens of the day


Keep the world spinning


By the roles they play.




It continues to be true


If they walk or fly,


They’re in the same zoo


Beneath the same sky.








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