I Am a Poet

Hitomaro by Kikuchi Yōsai
Hitomaro by Kikuchi Yōsai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I Am a Poet


When I began writing poetry I tried to make one person happy…me. I read the poetry of others and discovered amazing blogs and posts and felt intimidated But I kept writing because I wanted to see how I could be.


I am an artist who paints with words,


Splashing color and feelings around,


I am a musician who saturates the air,


Strumming across hearts with sound.


I am a doctor who feels the wounds,


Stopping the bleeding of those in pain.


I am a teacher who educates a child,


Sharing wisdom like drops of rain.


I am a world citizen who lends a hand,


Giving a village a new chance.


I am someone who cares about others,


Challenging the world to dance.


If I could add a few golden words,


Changing frowns into glorious grins,


Then I would know I’ve done my job,


For a smile is where poetry begins.




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