Expiration Date

List of U.S. state foods
List of U.S. state foods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Expiration Date


Questions without answers drive me out of my mind,


And one answer in particular has been hard to find,


I’ve been noticing the labels on products in stores,


All the way to the ceilings and down to the floors,


From the ones I think marginal to the ones first-rate,


They’re all bar coded and have an expiration date,


Now I’ve been wondering but I’m not sure it’s true,


Are there expiration dates stamped on me and you?


Although I’ve inspected my skin from head to toes,


That date might still be hidden right under my nose,


There is so much to know and I want to relate,


What conditions are expected with my expiration date?


Am I like a fragrance and age pleasantly over time?


Or will I degrade quickly after I pass my prime?


No longer guaranteed to be as effective as before,


Even with a receipt I can’t be returned to the store,


Freshness, quality assurance, an answer I seek,


How long will it be before I’m past flavor’s peak?


Am I like a Golden Delicious that’s juicy and sweet,


And then become rotten and not fit to eat?


Do I have a warranty that’s determined by fate?


Or should I just expect to gradually deteriorate?


If I don’t have an answer then what will I do?


Time will expire without a chance to renew.






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