Senses Working Overtime
Senses Working Overtime (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




When I was a baby I wanted to taste,


Dirt, grass, leaves; everything was good,


Through the sense of taste my world I understood.




As a young lad I wanted to feel,


The bark of trees, warm human skin,


Everything needed to be touched again and again.




During my youth, color surrounded me,


And I trusted my eyesight more each day,


The world’s vibrant displays becoming richer in every way.




Nature’s music played softly in my ear,


I listened and heard it all, crystal clear as a bell,


My mother’s heartbeat, birds singing, frogs croaking as well.




Roses and violets, the air after a rain,


I detected subtle aromas as my experiences grew,


The earth offered me choices to smell, exciting and new.




Never did I want to take my senses for granted,


The world was a puzzle and each sense played a part,


They helped unravel mysteries from both brain and heart.




All five senses keep me standing in reality,


Yet without them my dark empty world would still spin,


For I keep hope, love, and compassion locked deep within.




Senses are my guides for exploring the world,


They lead me down paths and open closed doors,


Fill my coffers with treasures and give memories forevermore.












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