My life can be measured

In increments on a line.

Like the man in black I walk that line.

Sometimes it’s three steps forward.

Other times it’s five steps back.

I can’t even stop if I get off track.

Ominous clouds continually threaten.

But my inner peace keeps me focused.

Daily I stay in the present marching on,

I say, “This is where the battles are won.”

Usually I count the moments until

Everything that was confusing becomes clear.

Behind me are my footprints,

Showing me where I blindly

stepped on things I held dear,

But I tromp on in erratic fashion,

Marching to verse that I created

but never got a chance to rehearse.

As I continue my journey,

The world becomes my playground.

I cry, “I want a special friend

Who’ll stay with me until the very end.”

But like children in a park,

Finding the swings are much the same,

They get tired and angry

 and move on to other games.

I want to shout, “I don’t want to keep score.

One playground or another

Will have the one I’m searching for.”

I won’t worry about getting hurt or feeling pain

Because there’s the whole world to gain.

Opportunities abound on this timeline.

I can hate and hurt or love and be kind.

I can encourage others and help them along.

I can do what is right and avoid the wrong.

“What’s this?” you say.

“How can I have fun that way?”

I’ve been there so I nod and look wise.

Misguided fun is only trouble in disguise.

When I look back at my tracks

Do they point the way for others to follow?

Or did I find a mud hole in which to wallow?

If I stayed, all would have been lost.

But I struggled free to avoid the biggest cost.

When my timeline comes to an end,

I want people to say, “Here was a good man,

And always he was a friend”.






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