the crickets were forecasting the weather last night,

singing, “No rain in sight! No rain in sight!”

wells are drying up, businesses are shutting down,

soon no one will be living in this deserted town.

today two men were chastised for washing their car,

I’ve got to escape real soon to someplace real far.

my friends are looking at me with evil in their eyes,

my well is working but I’m beginning to tell lies.

if they only knew I took a bath last night,

they’d sputter and yell and say it wasn’t right.

then one and all would leave with a frown,

and sometime in the night my house might burn down.

I’ve got to be careful when crickets sing their song,

anything I say might be construed as wrong.

while we breathe dust hanging heavy in the air,

the crickets are singing, “no rain in sight, beware!

by dan roberson

One thought on “NO RAIN IN SIGHT

  1. Indeed! No rain in sight! See last week’s article in the Fresno Bee about a little P’ville girl with cystic fibrosis whose family’s well went dry. Her treatment equipment has to be sterilized 4 times a day with bottled water.
    Keep on posting! Good luck with your ongoing editing project!

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