Just Because I Say

I will tell you the truth and promise not to deceive, but just because I say is never a reason to believe. Inadvertently my excitement may spill over at the discovery of another magic pill. I will do my research, but you do yours too, for each discovery might be important to you and to me.

Before Parkinson’s grip slowed me, I walked miles each day.  I enjoyed being very active. When I watched a man on You Tube go from the Parkinson’s shuffle to being able to walk normally, that excited me. I listened to what he had to say because he was walking at a rapid pace, something I wanted to do.

Doctors had not given me hope in regards to Parkinson’s. Over and over I was informed this degenerative disease would continue to erode my nerve cells and there was nothing I could do to impede its progress. Life’s joys would decrease until I died.

I do not want to give credit to the wrong medicines. But I know my life is changing.  Where there was pain and major limitations, I now see progress and I have hope. That is enough for now.

April 2, 2016




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