They Were a Team

They were a team,

Creating sacred music,

Playing music with their hearts,

When her bow touched her violin

It sang.

When his fingers touched his violin cello

The strings vibrated with a deep resonance.

His fingers deftly asked the violin

To dance,

Show a little romance,

And her violin responded,

Calling passionately to the violin cello,

Whispering so softly at times

Only God could hear.

They were a team,

Playing sacred music with their souls.

When his bow touched the violin cello,

The strings hummed,

His fingers danced in time with hers.

The violin cello answered the violin’s whispers,

The music deeper and melodious.

The musicians played on,

Flirting with riff and tune

Their eyes aware of slight variations,

Playing music to soothe,

Music to excite.

A nod of the head,

A quick flirtatious smile,

A slowing of tempo,

A quick burst of energy,

Never competing,

Always building and completing,

Together as a team,

Smooth and loving,

Admiring within each song,

Using each partner’s strengths

To accomplish more than before,

Creating sacred music.

That’s what love is for.

December 9. 2015

By dan roberson


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