wish you were here

Another day in paradise is somewhere far from home,

I’d like to be there, I think, with many days to roam.

The sunsets there must be more fabulous than here,

Because my friends share with me each year

Information about where they’re going or why not.

I envy them being nice and cool,

while I complain that it’s hot.

I’d like to go and relieve some stress,

Yet bills must be paid, repairs must be made,

and my wife needs a new dress.

There’s nothing I’d change in my life today,

So go on, have fun, and God bless.

My  family and love is all I need,

but show me all your pictures, indeed.

I’ve traveled to the places you’ve seen

And walked in the places you’ve known,

My life is secure and has always been,

although there’s not much I own.

Find somewhere your place to play

I’ll wish you luck as you enjoy your day,

But I think I’ll stay home with the wife,

She’s made me happy all my life.

I have everything I wanted to get,

so bring me pictures with a glorious sunset.










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