Too Old


I’m too old for sex…according to my kids.

My life is over, I’m on the skids.

I’m too old to drive…according to impatient youth

If I object to their speeds, I’m rude and uncouth.

What am I too old for?

I’m too old for hot foods, cold foods, and maybe all foods

My teeth are gone, but my taste buds are good.

I’m too old for women,

But can’t I still look?

My eyes still work.

Does that make me a jerk?

I can admire what young men ignore,

So what am I too old for?

I shouldn’t be hiking, riding any kind of cycle,

Exercise might kill me, might make me smile,

Might give me reasons to walk a mile.

Too old to live, too soon to die,

My time is coming and you don’t need to cry.

I’m not as young, as smart, as tall, as slim,

My medical conditions are real, not based on whim.

I’m not a decoration, a person without a mind,

I’m still me, one of a kind.

Am I too old to enjoy this earth?

Am I without value, without any worth?

I am older than yesterday, younger than tomorrow,

I’ve faced challenges, deep joys, and sorrow.

I’m not too old to love or care,

My love doesn’t rely on muscles or hair.

My knowledge is not based on flimsy lies .

Consider me old but very wise.

Am I too old for one more day?

Too old to kneel, thank God, and pray?

I’m not too old to dream or regret,

Or to appreciate the moments I get,

The world is traveling at a faster pace

But I’ll try to make it a better place.



April 11, 2016

Dan Roberson


2 thoughts on “Too Old

  1. Ha ha ha! I like it! I am chuckling with a knowing grin… Dan, I know you, and you are definitely NOT too old for a lot of those things! Keep on writing!

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