He loved the ocean’s many moods,

From red skies in the morning with all alarms,

When his shipmates battened down the hatches,

Preparing for oncoming storms.

There were all the majestic swells.

The ship rode them from trough to crest.

And he felt content and safe,

Like being at his mother’s breast.

There were also quiet clear nights,

Electric nights filled with ghostlike fish

That darted alongside the ship’s hull,

Ready to grant him his favorite wish.

He wished he could be one of them,

Leaping and flying from wave to wave.

But as he watched, he felt great despair.

He would never be quite so brave.

The sea would lure him from time to time.

Her beauty had him under her spell.

He would once again begin his rolling gait,

As he listened to the ship’s bell.

Red sunsets were surreal and always a delight.

Harbors were protection when storms rocked the boat.

The ocean was his mother, his wife, his life,

And from the ship’s deck, the world was afloat.


Dan Roberson

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