I’m not smart

If you should ask me if I’m a genius,

I’d laugh and deny that claim.

I make too many mistakes,

and often forget my name.

Why do some people think I’m smart

When I’m listening as they speak?

Is it because I nod my head

and agree with things they say?

Or do they wonder why

There’s much I seem to know?

I made mistakes when I was young,

I’m surprised I was allowed to grow.

Those errors became experiences,

And experiences made me look wise.

All I had to do was sit quietly.

It was a simple disguise.

Yet there was more that I learned

If I wanted the impression to last.

I surrounded myself with intelligent people,

Who became my supporting cast.

if you think I am too smart for you

Then I am exceedingly sad.

But you still talk and share with me

That makes me exceedingly glad.


Dan Roberson






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