We were not ever the same,
When I was young, my lads,
I did what I was told,
Never followed my friends’ whims and fads.
When my parents said take a bath
I stood in line and took my turn
I didn’t think I needed to be spotlessly clean,
A little dirt behind the ears,
Kept me in good standing with my peers.
I was rough and tumble from day one,
until I learned the key word,
Clean. What an imagination someone had.
“Go and play,” they would say, “and keep clean.”
It was a set up and the first thing i knew
Someone was mad, said I was bad.
I said some dirty words, but I didn’t mean to.
Just couldn’t think that some words are clean.
As a youth, some friends ran afoul of the law,
The first time, we were sternly admonished.”Stay clean!”
But we never saw eye to eye,
Couldn’t make a clean getaway, couldn’t clean our act,
couldn’t stay clean until I discovered a woman,
So perfect and mature, two years older is what I mean,
And she smelled pretty, scrubbed so clean,
All the world stopped when she walked by,
She didn’t wear boots or overalls,
Or go barefoot like I did,
the queen and I fell in love
under the blue sky and fields of green,
I am proud to tell you I am still clean.
Still going barefoot, living the dream.

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