Lightning flashed and thunder roared,
I fell to my knees and prayed.
My life was changed before my eyes,
My options could not be weighed.
All my life I had claimed control,
And I could have once again,
But I knew I would be lying to all,
My protests would be in vain.
Her love was too strong to resist,
Its power more violent than any storm,
Each kiss shook me to my very roots,
And I’m sure she meant no harm.
Yet before she turned my heart free,
She warned her blood would melt ice.
“Be careful to keep our love alive,
Even small dreams will suffice.”
I forgot promises I made to her,
She was out of sight and out of mind.
I laughed with others and had my fun,
There was no one there to remind.
But a strange storm brewed one night,
It hurled everything directly at me,
The winds howled, then grew deathly quiet,
Like a coward I fell to a bended knee.
Trembling I asked to kiss her hand,
But afraid to look her in the eye.
She forgave me for reckless love
After her long heartfelt cry.
Should I tremble ever again,
Because I have pierced her heart,
Then I will live forever in pain,
Knowing I didn’t do my part.
Each year we pledge our love anew
Our passionate kisses melt the ice.
We’re careful to keep our love anew,
Even small dreams will suffice.

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