I never learned to share all aspects of my life.
How could I share a rainbow when it was made for me?
I wanted to share but I couldn’t put it in
my pocket,
It became part of me.
My heartbeat increased, my eyes filled with
Colors, and cool winds blew.
But I wanted to share everything beautiful
Because I like you.
You have been a rainbow
Always there in front leading the way,
Never demanding, sharing our destiny.
I am still growing in spirit
And I can learn to share.
Yet even with best intentions,
It will be a struggle to wrestle a rainbow
From the sky.
But I will gently wrap it in love,
Giving all of it that I can,
Because you are also part of me,
I love rainbows filled with love and colors,
Rainbows sharing all you do.

February 25, 2017

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