When I was young I climbed trees,
And watched winter snows melt
When birds returned and sang sweet songs,
All day long.
Spring came in like a lion,
Bringing unstable weather,
Angry and cold clouds,
Which twisted and turned,
Scraping new paths across the earth.
Later, spring’s gentle rains and warm sun,
Brought lush grass, flowers, and new leaves.
I walked barefoot without care
Mud oozing between my toes,
Swimming in Horse-shoe lake on a dare,
Everyday full of surprises,
A blue bird’s nest, Cicadas filling the air with noise.
Fall came slowly,
Red and gold leaves piling up beneath bare limbs,
Warm gingerbread and apple pies,
Turkey and Thanksgiving,
A cold wind ushered in winter
Whistling through the trees,
Bringing Christmas and winter treats
Oranges and nuts, and everything sweet.
I am no longer young but my heart
is full of memories.

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