You would think I would hesitate for a long time before going back to the mansion next to the big woods. But there I was, waiting by the road, suitcase at my feet, anxious to return.
Three people disappeared during the grandest occasion of the season. They weren’t separated from the others but part of the crowd, scattered about in small groups chatting about who came with whom and what they were wearing.
It wasn’t the mysterious circumstances that caught my attention. Those kind of people were always doing strange things just for publicity. This was different.
Imagine the commotion when the first person was gone too long. No one got excited because the disappearance was unexpected and unnoticed for a few minutes. It was the emcee who came to me and announced that the host was not there and the festivities were ready to begin. He also informed me that the safe was open and her money was gone.
I was there to protect these rich folks and their money. I could ignore missing people but missing money made them uneasy. I walked over slowly, keeping a low profile, trying to keep the antsy people from demanding their money and leaving.
There were lots of lights to keep the camera shots clear without shadows so it would have been difficult to leave unnoticed. That’s when I heard the first blood-curdling scream. I broke into a lope, arriving there in time to see
a man rising in the air. Then, he was gone, completely gone, without a trace.
That’s when I hesitated. One of the rules I made for myself was stay away from things I didn’t fully understand. Another rule, after watching numerous movies where everyone knew what would happen if the first rule was ignored, was to avoid going into places that could easily hide creatures, crazed people, and bodies.
I didn’t know if there were other things waiting in the air. I went immediately to rule one. I didn’t understand what was going on. In all of the confusion a third person vanished.
The police arrived, talked to each other on cell phones while they waited for the rest of their troop, but refused to get out and investigate.
(to be continued) dan roberson 3/1/2017

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