“Another story,” his kids screamed,
“Something scary, but not like we dreamed.”
The dad scratched his head, touched his nose,
“Have I told you about the Magic Rose?”
Each eye was open, voices had ceased,
He moaned and groaned, with sounds he pleased.

A queen lived in a castle high on a mountain top,
She lived where all roads came to a stop.
She was trapped by a monster with nowhere to go,
Afraid she’d fall to her death down below.

Solemnly the children shook their heads,
“Can we help her climb down instead?”
“How could we help this queen in distress?”
If we don’t help her she’ll cry, we guess.”

They pondered her situation, these kids were smart,
Without hesitation they were ready to start.
“Oh, I forgot, The Magic Rose’s vines touched the ground,”
So the children climbed up and helped her down.

The queen learned how to escape that day,
And every afternoon she comes to play.
She said one day she will invite you and me.
We will have crumpets and a spot of tea.

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