It was a beautiful place for a honeymoon,
But the weather forecast warned of a storm in June.
A sign on the door said, PLEASE CHECK IN,
The rooms all faced north with a harbor view,
Tall sailing ships and sea lions, too.
The ceremony was moved to be indoors,
As a caution the wedding began on the second floor.
Sea gulls were walking and and watching the sky,
Raucously clamoring because it was too hard to fly.
The waves were building, white caps were out,
It was the storm of the century, there was no doubt.
The sky grew darker, the winds kicked in,
The minister was shaking, but the bride had a grin.
After a few minutes the couple raced to the door,
They shouted together, “We can’t wait anymore!”
Then they ran to their room and returned with their boards.
“Hurry, all guests, and try to catch up,
No doubt this is the big one! Surf’s up!”

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