There was no streetcar he desired,
So he trudged through snow although tired.
He wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere,
But on a mission only he would dare.
The snow was still falling, silent and deep,
Gathered in drifts for the snowplow to keep.
He thought about a lover, sweet and proud.
That’s when he saw her, a face in the crowd.
He watched from a distance, a block or two,
His heart was racing because he already knew.
He drew closer, separating her from the herd,
Animal instincts alert, he spoke not a word.
Quietly he moved until he was a step away,
He wanted her and desired her. This was his day.
Her eyes burned bright with a strange eerie glow,
He felt sudden fear, but he had nowhere to go.
It was not as he planned, though her beauty he saw,
He looked desperately for help, even from the law.
She pinned his arms. He knew something was wrong.
He was muscular and lean, but she was very strong.
Like a cat with a mouse, she played him night and day.
She wanted and desired him and never let him get away.

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