I’ve had a pity party, it’s true.
Seems it comes right out of the blue.
But I wonder what I can do.
It doesn’t wait for every guest
Nor does it hang around at my bequest.
Pity Party, show me laughter, not the tears,
Give me hope without any fears.
Tell me in dreams about despair.
I might say my party begins,
When all laughter and fun ends.
I try to urge each pity party to go away,
Bluntly insisting it can’t stay.
Pity Party, why are you here?
From the depths of despair you appear
And ruin my day. What else should I say?
Too often I languished in despair,
While you encouraged my presence there.
But what can I do
To get rid of you?
No more pity parties for me,
Turn me loose and let me be.
Your insidious being will be blocked at the door.
Get the hint. I don’t want you any more.

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