I’m not a coward,
So why do I stay away from a crowd,
When it’s too rambunctious or too loud?
I’m not crazy,
So why do I believe politicians,
Who promise the moon and tell everyone to sacrifice,
Even though controlling the money flow,
By limiting it to a lesser amount would suffice.
Why do I ask for a cure
For diseases like cancer,
i’m sure there has to be an answer for cancer.
I’m not lazy, a coward, crazy, or a trouble-maker,
Why do I ask for all to do a task?
Why bother to help my sister or a brother>
Can I make the world a better place,
By urging others to a faster pace
While I use nothing but words?
My words are too silent.
They wait for action,
For action speaks louder than words.

March 23, 2017

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