I would have liked to have the power to heal someone or someone’s pet. To see life ebbing away and having nothing to do but wait always takes the wind out of me. I don’t like being powerless. I would rather be the one who dies instead of the watcher. When I was twelve I […]

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There’s always the one who got away, but the one I took home with me made me sad and glad at the same time. What am I talking about? I guess if I gave you a little background information you would understand. I’ve always admired bats, you know the ones that flap around at night […]

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My safe hiding place

I could have chosen a cave, a brush pile, the store with the magic ice cream bars, but I didn’t. My safe hiding place was someplace above any event taking place. The top of a tree or one of the rafters in the barn were my favorite places because I was hidden from view while […]

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Friends are amazing

wherever they are, wherever the wind might send, From Seattle or Boston, China, We all need Amazing friends, From the jungles of the Amazon, To the shores of the sea, We race our own heartbeats When you and I become we. Delicate blossoms sing lullabies Across oceans that never end, We touch with our inspiration, […]

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