Daily Archives: April 9, 2017


I would have liked to have the power to heal someone or someone’s pet. To see life ebbing away and having nothing to do but wait always takes the wind out of me. I don’t like being powerless. I would rather be the one who dies instead of the watcher. When I was twelve I walked to the grocery store, my beautiful black and white cocker spaniel walking beside me. She saw a butterfly, a Monarch, fluttering along and chased it without seeing if the road was clear. I was oblivious to the racing car as it came towards us but at the last second I looked up. I whistled. ….wrong move. my beautiful dog ran towards me as my brain calculated the split seconds before dog and car collided. “No,” I screamed. too late. too late. The dog tumbled over and over and finally came to a stop. How can I heal her? I prayed and pleaded. That one incident brought me to a discovery. I chose to pursue life and tried several vocations. I am still searching for a healing touch, a power that I can give to others.


There’s always the one who got away, but the one I took home with me made me sad and glad at the same time. What am I talking about? I guess if I gave you a little background information you would understand. I’ve always admired bats, you know the ones that flap around at night and make girls afraid they’re going to get caught in someone’s hair. One evening some girls had a birthday party just about dusk when the lights are still off and the stars and moon are trying to outdo each other. I was watching from a tree branch and thinking all their games were silly. That’s when the birthday girl’s brother started yelling, “The bats are here! Watch out for your hair!” He was being mean and acting crazy. “The big bat is Dracula. He will suck your blood.” He didn’t know I was in the tree and when I dropped off that branch and sprang into the air, his face turned green. I grabbed his arm and clung on like I wanted his blood. Yes, I was tenacious as we spun around the yard, and all the girls disappeared screaming into the house. We were left together, looking eye to eye. I had forgotten about a bat I had captured earlier in the day and was expecting to release it. I let it go and its wings, so perfectly formed, spread out and brushed his face. …..the bat got away but there were no more bats allowed in my house. No more bats…of course if s

My safe hiding place

I could have chosen a cave, a brush pile, the store with the magic ice cream bars, but I didn’t. My safe hiding place was someplace above any event taking place. The top of a tree or one of the rafters in the barn were my favorite places because I was hidden from view while being in plain sight. From the loftiest branches I could remain hidden while intruders searched for me. My perch gave me ample advantages. I could scan the horizon for pirates who sailed in from the ocean, or keep a sharp lookout for girls who lived dull lives. If I had enough time I would make my stand above the feed sacks and watch the pigs roll happily in the mud. My secret friend, a mother skunk, kept everyone away.

Friends are amazing

wherever they are,
wherever the wind might send,
From Seattle or Boston,
China, We all need
Amazing friends,
From the jungles of the Amazon,
To the shores of the sea,
We race our own heartbeats
When you and I become we.
Delicate blossoms sing lullabies
Across oceans that never end,
We touch with our inspiration,
Thanks to all amazing friends.