I would have liked to have the power to heal someone or someone’s pet. To see life ebbing away and having nothing to do but wait always takes the wind out of me. I don’t like being powerless. I would rather be the one who dies instead of the watcher. When I was twelve I walked to the grocery store, my beautiful black and white cocker spaniel walking beside me. She saw a butterfly, a Monarch, fluttering along and chased it without seeing if the road was clear. I was oblivious to the racing car as it came towards us but at the last second I looked up. I whistled. ….wrong move. my beautiful dog ran towards me as my brain calculated the split seconds before dog and car collided. “No,” I screamed. too late. too late. The dog tumbled over and over and finally came to a stop. How can I heal her? I prayed and pleaded. That one incident brought me to a discovery. I chose to pursue life and tried several vocations. I am still searching for a healing touch, a power that I can give to others.

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