A passport to the world is safely hidden, Where no one can steal. Afraid to be shown to strangers, Waiting for the officials Who hold the future. A passport to the smiling faces, Ready to open gates to countries That offer new ideas and cultures, Waiting for the unique places, Showing heartfelt moments Captured in […]


I am not old

I am flavor enhanced, not old and worn out. I am fluffy and soft, not fat but a little stout. How can I explain how I am Not on the outside but inside where love abounds, I am more than I sound. I am young but not too young, I’m covered with wrinkles My hair […]

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You had clusters of friends, and didn’t let me in because I was an outlier, destined to be alone, I guess, because I could not impress. Yet let me stress, I was an outlier in theory, but not by my choice, I still had my voice and I wanted to be noticed. I was too […]

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