Daily Archives: April 10, 2017


A passport to the world is safely hidden,
Where no one can steal.
Afraid to be shown to strangers,
Waiting for the officials
Who hold the future.
A passport to the smiling faces,
Ready to open gates to countries
That offer new ideas and cultures,
Waiting for the unique places,
Showing heartfelt moments
Captured in pictures or memory.
After I die and make a choice
I’ll ask for a passport
To every place I haven’t been.
I’ve seen heaven and I’ve seen hell,
Is there another place I don’t know?
If there is, I want to go.
Where did I put my passport this time?

I am not old

I am flavor enhanced,
not old and worn out.
I am fluffy and soft,
not fat but a little stout.
How can I explain how I am
Not on the outside
but inside where love abounds,
I am more than I sound.
I am young but not too young,
I’m covered with wrinkles
My hair is gray,
But if I may
I’ll shower you with attention,
affection, and appreciation,
Tell you how beautiful you are,
Whether near or far
because I know you are wonderful too.
I’ll respect others
who make this world a better place.
I’m old enough to face
a mirror because it shows my outside
The rest I couldd hide
But I choose to show who I can be,
where I am always just me.


You had clusters of friends,
and didn’t let me in
because I was an outlier,
destined to be alone, I guess,
because I could not impress.
Yet let me stress,
I was an outlier in theory,
but not by my choice,
I still had my voice
and I wanted to be noticed.
I was too proud
to stay with a crowd.
Let me be your friend,
and draw closer in,
and not always an outlier.