ZIP (2nd version)

He was a little man,
Living in a big world.
He could disappear easily,
Even in a crowd of two.
Every day was a new adventure,
And he couldn’t explain
What he had gone through.
He had one outstanding trait
That kept him alive on the street.
He was quick on his feet,
Allowing him to zip in different directions,
Should he have sudden inspiration.
He discovered he could bounce
Within a crowd and those passing by,
would see him, and then not,
Like someone on a trampoline.
When he was on his computer,
He would zip around,
undaunted by speeds or space.
There, his fingers flew across the keyboard,
Creating a different life,
A world within a world,
Where he was tall and strong,
Accurate and seldom wrong,
Respected by peers.
Everyone could see his icons,
And he didn’t need to bounce.

APRIL 24,2017

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