Bitter is the residue
Left when one expects something better.
Bitter are the words
Left after exchanging truth for lies.
Bitter is the look
That expresses how someone really feels.
Bitter is not better
because it will never satisfy.
Bitter words, bitter tastes, bitter looks,
Are often used to replace love and sweetness,
Bitterness survives when hope dies
and in small quantities adds up quickly,
Leaving a sour taste and smell,
A victory from hell.

May 8, 2017

He didn’t want to go to see the lawyer. He already knew the results of the will. All the money he expected from his uncle’s estate had been given to his uncle’s friends and to various charities.
It wasn’t fair. George had endured all the stories his uncle shared with others. George always laughed and pretended to enjoy them. The stories were dull and meant nothing although his uncle repeated them often.
Who cared whether his uncle really was nice? George didn’t, but no one could really know. It didn’t show.
The bitter truth was beginning to sink in. His uncle was brain washed. It had to be. George could see his uncle’s face, smiling and sweet. He was gone but George would get his uncle’s money. The charities didn’t need it. There would always be poor people. No one should take what was rightfully his. If he didn’t win, he would be bitter for the rest of his life.
That thought made him smile. He had to win.
May 8, 2017

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