Daily Archives: May 9, 2017


If I could see my dogs
In the middle of dreams
chasing rabbits,
their paws racing in air
turning corners with care
they run and run,
and I laugh as I watch.
I wonder if they watch as I sleep,
when my dreams go deep,
While I run and run
Do dogs laugh at me
Or do they smile
and shake their heads knowingly?
MAY 9, 2017


What if somebody listens?
What if we have a council of war and peace breaks out?
What if God flips us inside out and we are a different color?
What if we suddenly begin speaking in one universal language?
What if the Creator tells us to stop fighting, we’re acting like children?
What if we are given tasks to love one another and release our fears and hate?
What if we gave up pride and accepted humility, loved with all our hearts?
What if we see trouble in our own hearts, and realize we are all short of the glory?
May 9, 20


“Don’t worry. These taxes are temporary.”
Is it my imagination, or just ordinary?
Nothing is temporary except things labeled permanent.
Even if it’s not solid and in cement.
“This marriage is temporary. It’s not forever.”
Forever is a word of honor and nothing can sever.
I’ll love you always, like it says in a song,
Or does it mean until someone better comes along?
Temporary means it’s here today, gone tomorrow,
I’ll return your money, I don’t like to borrow.
Another two weeks, you don’t have my money yet?
This is not what you promised, I’m getting upset.
If I keep asking, we will no longer be friends?
If I expect you to repay me, then this is the end?
Doctor, this lump is temporary, like you said?
Or did you mean I’ll soon be dead?
Road construction, take the alternate way,
You thought you’d return this same day?
My days are numbered, my life is almost through,
What have I learned that is always true?
I am just a reed bending in the wind,
I can’t extend my life, but I can give it for a friend.
The only things permanent are given from above,
And the most permanent of all is love, sweet love.