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In the western world individuals tend to be very selfish. There are a few exceptions. In special Olympics events there have been times when a participant goes back to help a fellow runner so they can cross the finish line together. The concept of winning meant nothing if another person was hurt or needed assistance.
In war or other times of battle soldiers have sacrificed themselves trying to help their fallen friends.
When my family moved to California from another state sixty years ago I was amazed to see sports for girls taught as a team concept. Watching girls play basketball together I was surprised to see a girl make a basket, and the game stop until players on both teams could clap and congratulate her. A few years later girl sports became more individualized.
In football and working in the fields I learned the necessity of being a team as I saw prejudice raising its ugly head. To protect others we had to work together.


Qualms about war
He had no qualms about signing up.
After all, wasn’t war about heroes and doing right?
Many of his friends had already gone,
Eager to prove themselves and show they could fight.
He wanted to be a pilot, a hotshot ace,
Swooping down to save his fellow soldiers,
A hero from outer space.
The recruiter had told him many lies,
About the country he could save,
But he discovered there was another story,
And it haunted him to his grave.
Given an assignment to attack the enemy,
Flying high, flying low, over the jungles he flew.
Below him in a lonesome valley,
Was a village he loved and knew.
Before he went he asked a question,
Although he knew he had a duty to fill,
“Was this village the saints or sinners”,
But he should have no qualms to kill.
After the war he went back,
Hoping to make amends,
But peace was still uneasy,
Bullets don’t make good friends.
The body count made him a hero,
But his dreams kept him awake.
And one beautiful day in October,
He chose his life to take.
May 16, 2017