Our country is strong because we agree

On the same principles.

Our country is even stronger because we can disagree

And accept our differences.

Should we agree and march to the same tune

We square our shoulders and see eye to eye.

But if we disagree we hold our heads high,

Because Ideas discussed and digested

Allow us to fly.

To break the shackles of all and stand tall for what is right,

is the strength of our country, not military might,

or the ability to fight.

If we defend minorities, differences, questions,

And all that ensues,

We prove all people are equal,

No matter what we do.

It’s our country whether right or wrong,

It is not a dictatorship that tells us what to do.

It is our differences that make us strong.

United we stand, divided we fall

That is the truth and it applies to all.

September 23, 2017



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