MADMEN (the introduction)

The world is in the hands of madmen.

They shout and scream at gentle folk.

They have visions of power and absolute control

while our world goes up in smoke.

I’m tired of watching corruption

while the ones we chose as our leaders

pretend to represent us well.

They scream it’s the fault of foreigners,

who are leading our world to hell.

We all have heard their boasting,

about the good they have done.

We have all been silent too long

and i’m afraid the liars might have won.

Another gun is firing somewhere,

our backs are against the wall.

Our leaders will make our schools safer,

with reading, writing, and rifles.

Will the answer be to arm them all?

They love the constitution if it fits their needs,

and scream when it blocks their way.

Profits before peace is their motto,

Salute and have a nice day.


As Donald sat waiting for the train to arrive he tried writing a few verses of poetry.  He couldn’t write the way he wanted. The poems were too dark and negative. He crumbled the paper and started over.  The train was late and after a few more attempts Donald gave up.

He was restless.  The last few days had drained his strength. He picked up his phone and checked the news again.  There were killings and shootings everywhere. Maybe it was just a sign of the times or maybe the world was coming to an end.  If everybody had lots of guns and all countries had nuclear bombs he knew he wouldn’t feel safer.  It only took one madman to shoot a gun or push a button and the whole world would be in trouble.

Donald was taking this train simply because he was the only one who had a chance to turn the world around and give it a chance for peace.  One man against billions of hot-heads did not seem like great odds for the winning side, but what did Donald have to lose? Everybody would die if he failed in his mission.

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