There were killings everywhere.  Every time Brett opened a newspaper or watched news on television there was another report of a mass killing somewhere in the United States. California, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas and other states were under attack.  Brett thought of these attacks as acts of war, but not one group claimed responsibility for any of the shootings or fires.  He hesitated to open a newspaper or turn on a newscast. He wanted to do something to stop the carnage but no one had any suggestions.  Those who knew the disgruntled men who planned  and carried out the attacks should be talking or warning someone.

That’s why Brett was on the train, traveling south, stopping at schools, malls, and locations which could be potential targets.  He wanted to be almost unnoticed, meeting up with friends to discuss strategies.  If he heard one clue he could begin preparing for terrorists who were trying to disrupt normal American lives. Yet there were no answers that Brett could discern.

There were growing numbers of people who were dissatisfied with the government.  But no matter what the masses did to protest the killings, the President and Congress continued showing disregard for the middle class and the poor.

The train stopped in Arcata and Brett had a leisurely lunch while sitting at the square.  Some students were studying while others were relaxing, their clouds of smoke drifting together in the slight breeze.  Brett relaxed for a few minutes before he picked up his satchel and dashed to the train.

Brett attended a meeting in Eureka with Tom, George and business leaders from some of the smaller towns.  Brett thought the arguments regarding government officials and average citizens were between conservatives and liberals. He soon found out he was wrong. The arguments went far beyond his understanding.  The conversations and discussions included discussions of war.  Some people were proposing  ways to destroy corrupt branches of government while other people were suggesting ways to strengthen individual laws and rights.

Tom and George were meeting in a small afternoon group which included wives and people of various cultures, languages, color, and opinions.  People were tired of being afraid, afraid for their children, and afraid their voices were not being heard.   They were not afraid to speak out.  George was the first to give his opinion.  “I think the Russians helped win the elections by introducing the conservative group to a different strategy.  According to our man who attended their meetings, the Russians are not afraid to be more ruthless.  They believed a few people are expendable. In order to keep everyone on the same page  if the President is not doing well in the polls, it’s time to have a diversion.  For instance, something like a school shooting.”

The presidential candidate took their advice and won.  No one objected so the NRA continued pouring money into candidate coffers as long as the congressmen supported the cause.”

Brett was shocked.  “Are you saying that because you’re one of the poor losers?  You’re saying mass murders are to keep people from focusing on laws and actions that are illegal. That would mean murder on purpose. Someone is using mass killings to distract us from discovering the real truth about the laws while we are held back and kept from maintaining law and order.

“That’s exactly what I mean,” George said.  “First, create animosity or make people take a stand. Kill certain people who don’t fit in with normal society. There were two suspicious fires, one in Miami and one in Oakland. In Russia many people who are different disappear without any objections.  In this country there is enough racism, discrimination, fear, and hatred to keep groups from merging for years. If the hatred is managed carefully the conservatives can win and change the structure of our country.”

Tom said, “I think you’re saying , If we lose our focus on what we believe and want to accomplish we will lose.  If we turn against ourselves we can’t win.”

George replied, “You’re right on.  We have to unite to be stronger.  Otherwise we will be picked off until we have no choice but to march along. Gun manufacturers and rich people will eventually rule our country.  Right now they are stopping every effort to control guns and will not listen until every kid is armed or dead.”

“So this meeting is about controlling guns and not about getting rid of terrorists?”

George stood up.  “Marjory, I expected you to be here to disrupt our meeting.”

“George, you haven’t been telling the whole truth.  You have no proof that the President or Congress is involved in these mass murders.  I believe terrorists are behind all this and I hope to prove it soon.”

Marjory was well known for her conservative views and she was popular.  She knew how to debate and use facts to her advantage.  “George, look at all the good the President has done.  He’s focused the country on corruption and rebuilding our weak economy.  He’s making people proud to be American.”

Tom jumped into the battle.  “Marjory, we all know how you raised your children.  You were frugal and saved all of us from getting caught in some of the scams the liberals were pushing us towards.  I thank you for that.  You’ve also brought changes in our legal system.  You make sure the bad guys did not get away or even attempt to escape.  The ones who tried were only loose for a short time.  The ones you shot were examples to others.”

Tom turned around and nodded at all the newcomers.  “In case you didn’t know, Marjory was state champion with rifles and hand guns.  No one tries to get away anymore.  Shot the first two escapees. The others who were behind bars got the message.  They were safer behind bars than being free and having her on their tail.”

She smiled. “I have a good job as a bounty hunter.  I bring people in to face the judge.  You do want them brought to justice, don’t you, Tom?”





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