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A Grandfather’s Questions
Who will clap at the baby’s first laugh,
And help her count the stars?
Who will listen for the dove’s call,
And sniff the fragrant flowers?
Who will encourage a child to grow,
And love her fellowman?
Who will take the time to explain,
To help her understand?
Will she ever learn how to respect,
The young as well as the old?
Will she discover over time
Love is more precious than gold?
Who will chant the songs,
I learned as a child?
Who will tell stories at night,
Of ancestors gone awhile?
Who will sniff and enjoy the taste,
Of Grandmother’s fresh baked bread?
And who will explain the Will of God,
When life is hanging by a thread?
Will someone hug her tightly,
And wipe away her tears?
Will someone answer her questions,
And soothe her endless fears?
April 23, 2017

First Friday

How could there be a First Friday?
Every week had a Friday,
Just one Friday to focus on,
One Friday to make plans for fun.
Nothing different about one day
Except perceptions about a time to pray.
Why would one Friday suffice
As a day for sacrifice?
A First Friday to meditate
And see control as more than fate.

I could not conquer

When I was young I created a bold plan,
Nothing could stop me from being a man,
A man of courage, of faith, of love,
Always receiving help from above.
The first steps were easy to make,
Always being honest and never fake.
The world was mine in every way,
But new choices arrived every day.
I wanted too much and settled for greed
Not satisfied with only what I need.
I was too hasty and forgot my plan,
I could not conquer my inner man.
I’ve adjusted my plan to live with others,
The world is full of sisters and brothers.
That man in the mirror I always see,
A man of courage and faith, he could be me.
But I must be wise and stay with my plan
Choosing love as I conquer my inner man.

via Daily Prompt: Conquer


I’ve had a pity party, it’s true.
Seems it comes right out of the blue.
But I wonder what I can do.
It doesn’t wait for every guest
Nor does it hang around at my bequest.
Pity Party, show me laughter, not the tears,
Give me hope without any fears.
Tell me in dreams about despair.
I might say my party begins,
When all laughter and fun ends.
I try to urge each pity party to go away,
Bluntly insisting it can’t stay.
Pity Party, why are you here?
From the depths of despair you appear
And ruin my day. What else should I say?
Too often I languished in despair,
While you encouraged my presence there.
But what can I do
To get rid of you?
No more pity parties for me,
Turn me loose and let me be.
Your insidious being will be blocked at the door.
Get the hint. I don’t want you any more.


There are two kinds of memories,

Those that lurk in dark recesses of my mind,

and moments captured by playful heart

That I wish were easier to find.

Oh, that I could trace the paths of each,

For both have lessons to teach.

One will tell of pride

and of wrongs against others I hide inside.

I don’t want to judge my own deeds.

I’m glad some deeds remain only as seeds

For I would have little mercy on myself.

The good that I have done

Cannot compare with what I could have done.

And the memories that creep into my dreams

Are worse than they once seemed.

Yet my heart is a heart of love

Given by grace by God above

And my heart will claim

Love is more important,

Not the blame.

by Dan Roberson  Oct. 8, 2016

They Were a Team

They were a team,

Creating sacred music,

Playing music with their hearts,

When her bow touched her violin

It sang.

When his fingers touched his violin cello

The strings vibrated with a deep resonance.

His fingers deftly asked the violin

To dance,

Show a little romance,

And her violin responded,

Calling passionately to the violin cello,

Whispering so softly at times

Only God could hear.

They were a team,

Playing sacred music with their souls.

When his bow touched the violin cello,

The strings hummed,

His fingers danced in time with hers.

The violin cello answered the violin’s whispers,

The music deeper and melodious.

The musicians played on,

Flirting with riff and tune

Their eyes aware of slight variations,

Playing music to soothe,

Music to excite.

A nod of the head,

A quick flirtatious smile,

A slowing of tempo,

A quick burst of energy,

Never competing,

Always building and completing,

Together as a team,

Smooth and loving,

Admiring within each song,

Using each partner’s strengths

To accomplish more than before,

Creating sacred music.

That’s what love is for.

December 9. 2015

By dan roberson



She was beautiful and sexy,

A woman every man wanted to see.

A stranger whose appearance

Brought out the very beast in me.

“I want her,’ my heart pleaded,

“She’s everything I’ve dreamed.”

“Calm down,” my brain insisted,

“Maybe she’s not all she seemed.”

Her womanly curves distracted

Every man that night she met.

I switched into my hunting mode,

My one objective was set.

My hungry eyes sought to devour her.

Such a tempting morsel was she,

Yet the competing anxious men

Kept her away and safe from me.

“Never give up,” my heart insisted.

“You’re not doing all you can.”

I knew I wouldn’t tuck my tail.

I was not that kind of man.

Increasingly aware of how time flew,

Growling angrily I continued to prowl,

Thinking, “What more can I do?

I’ve done everything but howl.”

At intermission I took her a drink,

An opportunity I’d waited for all night.

She smiled and asked sweetly,

“Where would you like to bite?”

We danced like two experienced partners.

I did everything I could with flair.

She laughed happily the rest of the night,

And later invited me to her lair.

Our little beasties are beside me.

I watch them in my den.

My woman knows how to please me,

When I smile my wolfish grin.

by Dan Roberson