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I did not know what was in the drink
That influenced the party that night,
All I remember is the sudden change
In attitudes before the fight.
One bottle poured into the punch,
Turned the beverage from blue to green,
Without words but angry stares
Brought trouble like you’ve never seen.
Perhaps it was love that caused the fight,
I believe that to be true,
It definitely took place at first sight,
I was surprised it happened to you.
One fist swung was all it took
Before the house came tumbling down,
Broken bottles and chairs lined the room
But you smiled as you lay on the ground.
The commander’s daughter kissed you
Before she left that night,
And the next day you were released,
Happy with love at first sight.
One bottle added to the punch,
Just a little to spike the drink,
But why are you with my girl,
And I’m still locked in the clink?

April 24, 2017



Early in the morning before all the stores were open, two men arrived in a nondescript gray sedan. They had looked the small town over, debated on several escape routes, and finally decided they would leave on the same street they came in. It could have been any other street but their choice was probably the best because the other streets were not as clean.
“Odd way of thinking about a getaway street but there had to be some criteria for picking an escape route.” I remember telling the sheriff that after the ill-fated episode. We were just sitting on the porch, after the robbery, playing lawyer, trying to come up with reasonable explanations why someone would rob a café when there was a bank right next door. It still doesn’t make sense.
Anyway, these two men sauntered into the café, sniffed the air, and plunked down on a couple of swivel chairs. “It’s gonna be a hot one today,” the short man said. “I bet you could fry an egg on the sidewalk.”
One of the waitresses, Rebecca, was busy wrapping the silverware so she almost missed the expression on the stranger’s face when Ruth said, “Bobby, don’t bother using the skillets or frying pans today. This man says he wants his egg cooked on the sidewalk so it can get more flavor.”
“Now, honey, I didn’t say that. you’re stretching the truth and making me mad. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I just want an ordinary breakfast so we can be back on the road.”
“Where you all heading? You don’t want to be on the road after ten. And make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen. You’ll fry if you’re in the sun too long.”
The short man said, “We’ll take our chances. Now give us each a breakfast and be quick about it. We’ve got to be in El Paso before noon. And,” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small gun. “I want all of you to finance the adventure.” He looked around the room. “Put all your money in this bag. George will be coming around to collect.”
“As soon as I fry these hash browns and flip the eggs, I’ll be right with you,” Rebecca called out. “We’re short-handed right now. The other waitress went home sick and Floyd, the cook, is out getting supplies. I can’t tell you when the cash drawer will open. It’s on a timer. The cash was counted this morning and delivered to the bank. You might as well put your gun away and have a cup of coffee. You’ll feel much better if you get your blood circulating. Last week, Bill was feeling poorly and got real cranky. He didn’t settle down until he had coffee and some apple crisp. Did I tell you Sally Mae is the best pie maker in Succotash County? She fries the apples before mixing them with the other ingredients. She will probably win the blue ribbon this year too.”
“Lady, I have no interest in Sally Mae’s pies. I thought her apple crisp was tasteless, like it was fried on the street. Please don’t make me hurt you. If we get caught this would be my third strike. The judge said if we got in trouble again we would fry on the rack.”
“George, will you check our escape and make sure nobody’s in our path?”
George did not return as expected. Shorty, the short man, found George and two other gang members working the grill, selling hot dogs and hamburgers. It was the first time the Succotash County Wildcats made enough cash to purchase matching uniforms .
It was the start of a new era. The Wildcats reigned as champions for several years. The Bad News Wildcats did quite well until that notorious girls’ team beat them in the championship. That humiliating experience was fried into their memory but never mentioned again.


“Do you think I’m ugly?” she asked me.
She was beautiful and I couldn’t agree.
“You are lovlier than the most beautiful flower,
But why do you ask, at this late hour?
Have I ignored you for too long?”
A man who answers quickly is usually wrong.
I was careful with words I might say.
She was sensitive at this time of day.
She said, “I have a zit on my face.
If it’s there tomorrow I’ll be a disgrace.”
It was a small bump and so easy to get.
I should not say anything that I might regret.
“I don’t see anything on your pretty face.
I’ll always think you are beautiful in any case.”
“You’re following the rules down to the letter,
you’re being nice to make me feel better.”
“Of course,” I replied. “I don’t want you to be blue.
I want you to know I’ll alwawys love you.”
Her tears stopped and she considered what I said.
“You’ll still love me is my eyes are puffy and red?”
I answered, “Today, tomorrow, every day in time.
I’ll love you forever and I’m glad you are mine.”
She smiled before she walked away,
I sighed. “I am just a man,” I thought.
Can I be sensitive day after day?”
Hearing what she was feeling is a major task,
Lord, have mercy, is all I ask.


There was no streetcar he desired,
So he trudged through snow although tired.
He wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere,
But on a mission only he would dare.
The snow was still falling, silent and deep,
Gathered in drifts for the snowplow to keep.
He thought about a lover, sweet and proud.
That’s when he saw her, a face in the crowd.
He watched from a distance, a block or two,
His heart was racing because he already knew.
He drew closer, separating her from the herd,
Animal instincts alert, he spoke not a word.
Quietly he moved until he was a step away,
He wanted her and desired her. This was his day.
Her eyes burned bright with a strange eerie glow,
He felt sudden fear, but he had nowhere to go.
It was not as he planned, though her beauty he saw,
He looked desperately for help, even from the law.
She pinned his arms. He knew something was wrong.
He was muscular and lean, but she was very strong.
Like a cat with a mouse, she played him night and day.
She wanted and desired him and never let him get away.


It was a beautiful place for a honeymoon,
But the weather forecast warned of a storm in June.
A sign on the door said, PLEASE CHECK IN,
The rooms all faced north with a harbor view,
Tall sailing ships and sea lions, too.
The ceremony was moved to be indoors,
As a caution the wedding began on the second floor.
Sea gulls were walking and and watching the sky,
Raucously clamoring because it was too hard to fly.
The waves were building, white caps were out,
It was the storm of the century, there was no doubt.
The sky grew darker, the winds kicked in,
The minister was shaking, but the bride had a grin.
After a few minutes the couple raced to the door,
They shouted together, “We can’t wait anymore!”
Then they ran to their room and returned with their boards.
“Hurry, all guests, and try to catch up,
No doubt this is the big one! Surf’s up!”


I never learned to share all aspects of my life.
How could I share a rainbow when it was made for me?
I wanted to share but I couldn’t put it in
my pocket,
It became part of me.
My heartbeat increased, my eyes filled with
Colors, and cool winds blew.
But I wanted to share everything beautiful
Because I like you.
You have been a rainbow
Always there in front leading the way,
Never demanding, sharing our destiny.
I am still growing in spirit
And I can learn to share.
Yet even with best intentions,
It will be a struggle to wrestle a rainbow
From the sky.
But I will gently wrap it in love,
Giving all of it that I can,
Because you are also part of me,
I love rainbows filled with love and colors,
Rainbows sharing all you do.

February 25, 2017


We had a quarrel, a silly one,
Yelling, screaming, But nothing important.
I heard you.
From the bottom of my heart I heard you.
The message in your voice was clear.
You needed me and I needed you.
In the still of the night
when all was quiet,
Your heart called for me.
I heard you.
I am sorry that I didn’t listen
and I want you to know,
I love you.
All you ever needed to say
Was forever written in your eyes.
Even without words,
I heard you.