There are many who believe there are no angels, But I believe angels walk wherever there is light. When we block the light,  We are deceived by demons who are quick To lead us astray. I make choices, not just to please others, But to prove who I am, and who I want to be. […]



PUNCTURE   When I was twelve I had no time for capers, I had a job delivering newspapers  by bicycle, Going to the newspaper office at four a.m., Folding one hundred sixty papers, packing them into a bag, putting the bag on the back where it would not sag or drag and riding across town […]


The Battle Begins

Red angel wings were spread before me, As far as I could see, They were as red as sacred blood, In an instant I understood, What they were preparing for, As they waited, score by score, With talons sharpened and eyes of fire, This hardened group would fight and never tire, If I asked about […]

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Christmas by the Forest

He wasn’t a mean man but he was grumpy at times, He lived alone and liked to write poetry that rhymed, His house, next to a forest, had a very pleasant view, He wasn’t very happy though he had much to do, He was often forgotten, his children lived far away, They, too, said they […]

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While Blossoms Are Exploding

While Blossoms Are Exploding The air is alive with angels as they are gathering,  Sweet nectar from the blossoms exploding, Don’t you hear them humming and singing?  I do, but I am under the trees quietly lying, As they zip about, to and fro, always watching, Even in the trees their shadows are glowing, Occasionally […]

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