She yells sometimes and often cries. It’s easy to see anger in her eyes. She stomps her feet when she doesn’t Get her way. It happens frequently, almost every day. After a nap, she’s good as gold. A beautiful angel, she’s a two year old. 7/21/17



Ugly I believed I grew up in an ugly town, A small community tucked in a small corner Of nowhere, Where smiles stayed hidden And were rarely found. The land was hot and dry in summer, But cold and wet in winter. Everyone said it was ugly And I believed it to be the center […]


She Went Her Way

There were a lot of harsh words, We said to each other back then, I hadn’t heard a woman speak like that, Since I don’t remember when,   We tried to correct our bad deeds, The ones we’d done to hurt each other, We discovered our efforts didn’t work, When we couldn’t forgive one another, […]

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Love and The Magic Spell

I’ll tell you a story, It’s sad but true, If you don’t watch out, It could happen to you, My girlfriend one day announced she would leave, I took it hard and did nothing but grieve, Her thoughts were elsewhere as she stared off in space, She had all the symptoms of love, yet she […]

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“I Was All She Needed”

“Tell me your story,” I said to him, “Perhaps I can help your case,” His voice shook as he began, “Five years are hard to replace,   I shouldn’t be here, she’s to blame, It was her fault, you know, She made me mad and I lost my cool, Even though I loved her so, […]

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The Choice

He stood silently and scratched his head, Staring at the oaks outside hard and long, While his terrible thoughts raced ahead, “How did I manage to let things become so wrong?” He should warn her, “Don’t be fooled if no words are said,” He shuddered and wondered, “Why can’t I be strong?” The thought of […]

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