The Coin (Part 2)

She knew she didn’t love her boss.  She didn’t even know his name. She already knew the one she loved.  She loved George, her childhood sweetheart.  It was as simple as that. He was handsome, muscular, courteous, and charming.  He treated her like a princess. They had grown up together, went to the same schools, […]

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The Coin (part one)

Which way do we go, to stay out of the flow, As lives are swept downstream, We can do more wrong, If we just go along, Pretending life is but a dream. Vanna knew he kept valuable rare coins.  While she cleaned his house she would pass by his study. Through the slightly opened door […]

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Give Me Time To Earn My Wings

Are you the angel I talk to at night? You’re right at my side when I turn out the light, I encourage you to listen but I ignore what you say, And yet you’re expected to guide me the “right” way, I should be quiet for awhile and listen to you, But I’m only human, […]

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