She was beautiful and sexy, A woman every man wanted to see. A stranger whose appearance Brought out the very beast in me. “I want her,’ my heart pleaded, “She’s everything I’ve dreamed.” “Calm down,” my brain insisted, “Maybe she’s not all she seemed.” Her womanly curves distracted Every man that night she met. I […]


You Took My Breath Away

  You Took My Breath Away   You were not the most beautiful girl there,   But your eyes were expressive and deep.   I did not hang on every word you spoke,   But inside I made promises to keep.   Somehow in those first magic moments   My world stopped and you took […]

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The Visit

  The Visit   Let’s talk about how we feel   Because life is very real.   One day things will change,   And I’ll visit no more.       Remember the early years   When you came home and   Wanted to talk about your day?   I just wanted to sit and […]

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  Technically       The spring that she graduated,   I met her for the very first time.   She was beautiful and so beguiling,   I was silly and talked in rhyme.   I told her very clearly how much   She would always mean to me.   I was convincing as I […]

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Love Changed Me

      Love Changed Me   I was running fast and free,   Trying to keep you far away.   Somehow I lost my point of view.   On our first date I wanted to kiss you.   Because love inspired me.   You said you had a cold but I said it was […]

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